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Workshops hosted by the National Academy of Technology

About Us

Welcome to the National Academy of Technology, the home of all things nerdy and awesome.

We run a variety of exciting events for coders, designers, gamers and digital artists. You are welcome to chill out on our couches or play our retro Street Fighter II machine! At our events you will most likely meet a new friend, or at the very least a new member of your Dota or LoL team.

Express your ideas, creativity and knowledge with other likeminded tech enthusiasts and artists who share your passions. All skill levels and abilities are welcome.

Gamers, coders and artists: Your community starts here


Join in the competition of an online Hearthstone league, weeknight console competition with games like FIFA or NBA 2K or participate in a live DOTA 2 pub stomp event.

Step into the Bourke Street Arena with friends and peers! Prepare to flick, juke, blink and base race for your lives at the Digital Bunker's community eSports events sponsored by National Academy of Technology.

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Transfer your traditional art knowledge and gain confidence in using Photoshop to create concept art and digital painting, as we teach you how to produce your very own piece of scary, monster filled digital artwork

Code in 90 Minutes

Past Workshop

Whether you work in teams with developers and want to speak their language or are looking to learn how to design websites for yourself, learning the basics of front-end web development is great way to start.

Code Like a Girl are hosting their first Made with Code party on September 17th at The National Academy of Technology. Join us for a fun intro on how to get started using code to build the world you want to live in! Recommended age: Grades 1-4

Code Playground is a 2 hour workshop hosted at The National Academy of Technology. The goal of a Code Playground is to spike girls’ curiosity and encourage them to explore the countless possibilities of what they can do with code! Recommended age: Grades 4-8

Our Game Art Design Short Course offers you the direction needed to make it in the competitive world of the Game Art industry, turning your love of gaming from just a hobby into a job prospect!

An introduction to coding through digital art-making recommended for Grade 8-12 girls! Learn the basics of coding in a sociable, fun and engaging context.

Often the most striking element of a game is the illusion of depth on a flat surface and intricacy of game level design. Join us for an introductory lesson in creating 1, 2 and 3-point perspective exterior, interior and object drawings using Photoshop


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